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Since 1993

About my Art

I work mostly with Graphite and White Charcoal Pencils, on toned gray paper. I specialize in drawing people. There's just something about being able to capture emotion through the strokes of a pencil, that makes me love what I do. I want to take the spark of life that shines in our eyes and put it on paper. I want to show the intimacy of family through lines and shadows. I want to create a scene that tells a story, without using words. Can I express the complexity of love through my use of different shades of gray? Can I show you my darkest fear through an image of a girl holding a candle, surrounded by her nightmares?

I believe I can, and I will. If you take a few moments to look at my art, you will see my mind mapped out and vulnerable. You will see my past, and what I hope my future to be.

My art is my life. It is scary and beautiful and filled with endless stories. Will you read them with me?

Concentration #10 Final Image EDITED


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